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In Development


DRIVEN TO LIVE….LIVING TO DRIVE. Based upon a true story, Kimberly Myers is a record-breaking race car driver with a secret. At the age of eighteen she was diagnosed with the fatal lung disease, Cystic Fibrosis (CF). 65 Roses follows her struggle to to cope with her disease while breaking into the male dominated sport of racing.

Learn more about 65 Roses here.



Someone has gone medieval in New York.

THE MARTYR, a top 5 finalist in the Screamfest Horror Film Festival Screenplay Competition.



Candy Heart Productions was partnered with Stan Winston Productions to shoot this cutting edge pschological horror film. Desolate is the story of a regular Joe who awakens to find himself stranded at a remote desert reststop. Mysterious creatures lurk in the shadows and evil's in the air. Is he on his way to hell?

Both Screamfest Horror Film Festival award-winners, Francisco Castro wrote the screenplay (winner: Best Screenplay) and Stewart Hopewell is attached to direct (winner: Best Student Short for 3AM). Stan Winston was previously attached to create the creatures.

Learn more about Desolate here.

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Past Films

GOING TO PIECES (Details Here)

Candy Heart Productions has just completed Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (based on the acclaimed book by the same name). GTP rips into the guts of the Slasher film and and explores the rise and fall (and rise again!) of the sub-genre.

CHP is teamed up with the STARZ! Network and THINKFilm on the project. Edited by Screamfest winning director Mike Bohusz.

Learn more about Going to Pieces here.


Breakneck Speeds. Multi-million dollar cars. The stakes couldn't be higher for… Fast Women, an award winning documentary about women in racing.

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